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In this section you will find a series of questions and answers that will surely solve some of your doubts.

New Beginning Music Center we are extremely motivated and passionate about teaching VOICE, VIOLIN, VIOLA, PIANO, GUITAR and Music in general. Our main objective is that students have fun playing and learning at the same time.

Our classes are completely face-to-face and to participate you must
1- Subscribe in
2- Choose the type of membership that best suits you.
3- Once registered follow below the steps that our portal has prepared for you.

We teach music lessons to students from the age of four to adults.

Our classes are completely face-to-face, where you will have the support of our highly trained team in the musical area

We ensure that our staff of teachers are highly recognized professionals in the field in which they work, so they are outstanding professionals in the music industry.

We hope that our teachers arrive on time and with the necessary materials and that they explain things in a clear and understandable way, as well as clarify the doubts of each of our students.

Not only do we expect our students to have fun, but also to arrive on time for their classes with all the necessary materials (notebook, folder, lesson books, etc.)

In addition, it is necessary for our students to participate in classes and practice the lessons taught according to age. Without neglecting that it is important that the student has a good behavior and a lot of respect for the teacher, for himself and for others, as well as a correct care of his materials and the study environment.

Parents or guardians are expected to be present during the lesson for students 10 years of age or younger, as well as to be on time for classes, and are responsible for informing the teacher if there is any delay.
It is necessary for parents or guardians to encourage the student at every step of music education.

At NB Music Centre we recommend the participation of all students in the NBM Center LLC Concerts, which usually take place around May 30, July 30 to August 5, October 20 to 30, December 20.

Classes will not be held on holidays such as: New Year’s Day, July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day or Mother’s Day etc.
In addition, it is necessary that our students, parents or guardians are attentive to all closures, delays and cancellations which will be published on our social networks and our web portal

A late payment fee of $35 will be charged for monthly payments not received within 5 days of the invoice date.

If payment is not received within 45 days of the invoice date, lessons will be postponed/terminated until the account balance is paid in full. During this time, NBM Center, LLC reserves the right to assign the student’s schedule to other potential students. A $35 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

NB Music Centre we are committed to the music education of all our students offering not only time and quality classes but also professionalism so we can not refund the payment of the memberships so we recommend our students to finish the classes and take not only the knowledge we teach but also a pleasant experience

NB Music Centre has a document that is given to students, parents or guardians to give their consent to be photographed during class time, concerts or activities.
These photographs can be used in printed material, as well as on the web portal of NB Music Centre, it is worth mentioning that the use of these images does not have any type of payment for participation.