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Doris Ferran

Doris Ferran, born in Havana, Cuba, was raised by her grandmother during her childhood. At the age of five, her grandmother noticed that she had a natural ability for music.

At the young age of 7, Doris took the entrance exam to “The Vocational School of Art” (EVA) in Cuba, a coveted art school where many try to be accepted but few are talented enough to be received.

“The School (EVA)” chose her as worthy of being a student and thus began her musical journey. At the age of 18, she graduated, from the “Conservatory Amadeo Roldan”. After studying and learning as much as she could in her home country, Doris decided to venture to Italy, where she attended the “Conservatory Piero Mascagni” in the province of Livorno.

Striving to “polish and hone” her skills and abilities after her time in Italy, Doris transitioned to the Musikhochschule in Wurzburg, Germany. Many amazing and renowned classical musicians such as Ricardo Masi, the first viola of the “Tuscan Regional Orchestra”; Piero Farulli, the violist of the “Italian Quartet”; and Reiner Schmidt, renowned violist and conductor; were part of shaping her growth in musical knowledge and skill.

Among some of the events/collaborations, she has been a part of the Puccini Festival, and the Verdi Festival, and he also participated as a member of the San Remo Orchestra.

Doris has been a resident of the United States for nine years and has performed throughout the state of Florida, entertaining at venues and events of all types and sizes. Her energetic and captivating performances keep the audience engaged throughout the show.

She is, now a full-time resident of Orlando, Florida.